Ways to express yourself with Coffee Stencils

Coffee was created on the 8th day, let’s not deny it! and without my obscene coffee habit this blog wouldn’t exist (perhaps I should go to tea!). In this blog, we want to explore more than just coffee, and introduce you to coffee stencils made especially for you.

Over the last twenty years or so, the coffee houses of America have landed on our shores and with them, the opportunity to customise your coffee however you want. As Burger King used to say ‘Have it your way’ (now replaced with ‘Be your way‘). You can have your coffee your way, be that skinny, soya, latte, vegan, decaf, mocha’d the list goes on.

Personalise your coffee with a stencil

We here at SED got to thinking, could 3d printing help bring that coffee experience to your home? And if so how? Then we thought chocolate, always the chocolate lover, (I do love a sprinkle of the choccie stuff on a coffee), we looked at produced coffee stencils in thin PLA Plastic.  I know, I know, you’re thinking, that’s new and it’s definitely not innovative. To which I say, let’s make it personal!!

What if I said, you could propose over a coffee with the immortal words, ‘Marry Me’ stencilled into your loved one’s coffee, or hot chocolate, let’s not limit ourselves. Or how about a charity coffee and cake stand at work, with a work logo stencil! Too much maybe!

What can we do?

Here’s an example of what we can do…..


Because the stencil is made of PLA Plastic and is food safe, why limit your imagination to drinks, roll on the cake, brownies and felt tips! Whadda! Yep why not, make a statement with pen and paper? And whilst we’re here talking all things crafty, have you checked out our individual cookie cutters? and how they can change your life!

If this has shaken your coffee beans, then get in touch with us, and we can create your special message in coffee!! Take a lil look over at Facebook or Contact us here.

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