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Keeping it Local

A blog about keeping it local – the shopping that is.

A bit like Heineken beer refreshing the parts that other beers couldn’t (Google it if you’re not old enough to remember it), our blog reaches all corners of the globe. Baking is universal. From American cookies to French patisserie to Italian cannoli and to the British Victoria sandwich cake – every nation loves a baked good.

Ceramic Clay Cutters - earring design drawing
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Ceramic Clay Cutters

It’s June, it’s our birthday, so it must be time for another launch. Ta daaaa! Well – okay – that’s not much build up. But what with this month seeing HMQ celebrate her platinum jubilee there’s a shortage of bunting! Though bunting free we may be, this remains a special 5th business birthday for us. Five years of 3D Printing and eight years in total! Now we usually do a little launch of our summer cutters. But not this year. On our 5th birthday give a warm welcome to our ceramic clay cutters!

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10 Useful 3D Prints for your Home

So! You got yourselves a 3D printer. Yay! Welcome to our world. Okaay, we’re writing this blog from the assumption that you’ve been playing around with it and you know it works really well. What’s more you’ve printed all the fun and daft stuff but now you’re looking for some meatier projects – something you can in fact use. Not change the world -y’know – but at least be useful. Yeah? Does that sound like you?