Misfit Cookie Cutters

Misfit & Sale Cookie Cutters

When cookie cutters go wrong – ooo it sounds like a horror movie doesn’t it, but its ok. Things do go wrong and we have a way to look after them. And then we call them Misfit or Sale Cookie Cutters….

We print cookie cutters all day long, usually at least 330 days a year and we use 3D printers which are temperamental at best, downright horrid at worst. Sometimes a cookie cutter comes off a 3d printer and it won’t look nice. Ugly is one word, misfit is another. We can’t send that out to you, it’s just plain horrible.

So we keep them to one side (recycling) and we stash them away until we go to a country show, where people can feel and look at the cookie cutter, before buying it. That’s really how we like to sell them.

However, we’re here in 2020, with a Covid19 pandemic. We’ve decided that the stash is too big. Over the last 3 years, we have literally accumulated 100’s. It’s time to cut loose.

That’s why we’ve created this collection, a group of misfit & sale cookie cutters that work and work well. But they don’t look fabulous, they don’t look pretty. We’ll show you the cookie cutter and detail the defect, and we’ll reduce the price. You’ll receive a cookie cutter that works, but has a small blemish, usually in its handle.

If, when you receive it you don’t like it, just return it to us for a full refund. That simple.

So come on in, enjoy browsing our bargain basement, as we add to our collection….😊🍪

You may not fancy an ugly or misfit cookie cutter, that’s ok, check out our shop where we have hundreds of pristine cookie cutters. Fancy a cookie cutter customised by you, then we can arrange that for you, contact us here.

Or find us on Facebook and Instagram where our new designs are launched.

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