How the Humble Cookie Cutter is this years’ must have!

Making Cookie Cutter Dreams

The humble cookie cutter hadn’t much featured in our baking experiences until recently. I do love to bake but am not so good at going freestyle – I need the outline to colour in – y’know. So, we’ve used a few basic ones as you do – dinosaurs, leaves, houses that sort of thing. But that’s as far as it’s gone so far.

Are Cookies the new Cupcakes?

So what changed the baking landscape at 4Points Leisure HQ then? The investment in a 3D printer that’s what. We purchased the beastie with the idea of printing fun yet useful items to add to our 4Points product range – glow-in-the-dark tent pegs – that sort of thing. But then, led by our stomachs, we got a bit side-tracked by the notion of cookie cutters.

No Ordinary Cookie Cutters

But not just any old cookie cutters – oh no. The biscuit world is awash with hearts, ducks, butterflies and the like. Nope as usual with 4 Points Leisure we wanted to go outside the tent or camper van.

If you follow us on social media, you’ll know that we’re ones for taking our outdoor business to steam shows and countryside days. Indeed, we take it outdoors for a large part of the summer.

So, thinking about our interests, and the interests of those attending steam shows and the like we set to work printing cookie cutters in the shape of steam engines, steam rollers and the like with the thought of testing the biscuity water. Well! The response to them was so positive that it … ummm … took the biscuit!

And it got us thinking.

Drum roll please: let me introduce you to a few of our designs. But pardon the icing – that’s still a work in progress

We can make your Cookie Cutter dream come true.

And the best part of all this dough-based excitement is?

If you have a design you’d like to see immortalised in cookie dough, fondant icing or pastry, simply send it over to us and we’ll make your cookie cutter dream come true.

Pop an email to, or call us and we can have a chat.

#obvs the image should be copyright free, let’s not go stealing ideas!!  Check out our Ebay Shop for other exciting cookie cutters.

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