Halloween Baking Shop 2023 - pumpkin, mummie,eyeball cutters and fondant stamps

Halloween Baking Shop 2023

Halloween crazy we are here at SED HQ. Well we have been since June 2 when we start putting together our Halloween baking shop 2023. This year, in our humble opinion, we have some super ace designs. Even if we say so ourselves. Now – let’s get the spook on – get used to it, these puns won’t get any better. Scary huh?


Let’s go to the pumpkin patch

Give ‘em pumpkin to talk about. Boom! Now -every spooky season that comes around we rethink a pumpkin or two. So last year we had pumpkin cutters and lined stamp sets. And this year we’ve taken the lines to another level with our geometric pumpkin cutter and stamp set. It’s a thick line to reduce fondant stickage – not a word we know, but we’ll use it anyway.

geometric pumpkin cutter and stamp

You’re the pick of the patch – here’s our pumpkin patch stamp and cutter. Here’s the thing with this cutter set, last year we created a rectangle cutter and Christmas tree stamp set. They were super successful, so we’ve decided to keep the rectangle cutter going and create new stamps to go with it.

This is the first Halloween one and we have five more Christmas inspired ones on the way. Buy the cutter just once and build a collection of stamps to go with it – nifty eh? The size?? Oh yes.. 8.2cm wide x 3.8cm tall, creates a small cookie that can become part of a treat box set.

pumpkin patch stamp and cutter



Eye, eye, eye what’s all this! We spotted this eyeball on a sweet cover in our local pick and mix, mmmm and here we are. Creating a debossed, or stand out, ridge and veins for you to paint and detail. The cutter is a neat fit on top to create the full effect. It was eyewatering to do… Well it wasn’t that bad but it did take time to get it just right. But we reckon it’s worth it. This is our blood eyeball cutter and stamp set.

Halloween Baking Shop 2023 - eyeball cutter and stamp set
Halloween Baking Shop 2023 – eyeball cutter and stamp set


Mummy of the Year goes to – well I’d say me of course. But instead will have to choose our super cute mummy embossing stamp. We’re thinking round cookies with him/her/them on top? Or it could go the cupcake route? We’ve reduced the scare factor with a smile.

Halloween Baking Shop 2023 - mummie embossing stamp


Fangs for everything!

Righty onwards….join my fang club why dontcha!? The wonderful Sandra Herrgot has designed these bats and we had to have them in our collection. The hanging upside down one, we’ve brought out as a debosser (pop up) and an embosser – ooo you’re making me all batty!

Halloween Baking Shop 2023 - Sandra Hergott bats embossers


It gets battier though

We have more! Like for instance this cutie bat cutter and stamp. But ignore our designing that looks like he’s lost his front teeth! You should know by now what we’re like – and that your creation will be sooo much better.

bat cutter and stamp from SED developments


We’re shopping – and baking

We have loads and loads of stamps and cutters in our Halloween Shop, and we’re always happy to create a custom item for you alone. Your design, your way (not ours, but yours 🤓). We can go large as well, up to 10 inches or as small as 1cm.

Halloween Baking Shop 2023 - pumpkin, mummie,eyeball cutters and fondant stamps

So my lil Howl-oweens, my lil gourds, creep it real, get ready to eat, drink and be scary, ‘cos Halloween is creeping around the corner.

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