5 crafting days of Christmas

Five Crafting Days of Christmas

Five Crafting Days of Christmas.

Hello my lil’ cookiers, jewellers, clay makers, decoupagers (I know!) and craft buddies. As we round off another year, we thought we’d do a share of some makes from 2023. They come from all walks of life. So if you thought a cookie cutter was for cookies alone, you’re missing out big time. We’re craft happy over here don’t ya know?!

5 crafting days of Christmas

Let’s start with the 5 crafting days of Christmas! Well sort of at least – we’ll begin with the original intention.

1. Cookies

We make a point of creating cutters to celebrate annual events, either for your religion, charity or simply ‘cos you celebrate that one thing every year. But, when avivas_cakesandbakes came on to ask us to create a sheaf of wheat and a lemon, she had us wondering. Check out these Lulav and Etrog cookies – adding personalisation.

Aviva etrog lulak biscuits - Five crafting days of Christmas
Aviva etrog lulak biscuits

Or how about Ida and her Tefillin Bag? In real life (and here as well) the Tefillin bag is a stunning creation made of leather with crystals and intricate sewn pieces. Ida wanted to reflect on that with details of a zip, crown element and Hebrew proverb.

Tefillin bag cookie
Tefillin bag cookie

2. Personalization

Read customisation on this one – when Richard came to us, saying ‘love the shamrock cookie cutter but it’s not quite small enough, can you go smaller?’ ‘Well yep’ we said. And here’s the result.

Shamrock cake - 5 crafting days of Christmas
Shamrock cake

And then, when our friends at Cake Drop wanted a special coronation crown to mark King Charles III ascending to the throne we created this:

Cake crown

And where do we even begin with this stunning, ‘goffick’ wedding cake, decorated using reduced sized bats from our collection?

Five Crafting Days of Christmas - bat wedding cake

3. Decoupage

Decoupage – the art of gluing paper to your chosen object. Well obvs it’s far more complex than that, as Debbie shows us here. This is our Scandi horse, cut first from clay and then decoupaged. We’re very in love with these.

Debbie's decoupage Scandi horse

4. Clay: polymer and otherwise

Talking all things clay – sort of – here’s our Gonk becoming a Christmas gnome brooch.

Christmas gnome

Courtesy of our client Samantha, we find this so inspiring.

This year we haven’t added that much to our earring collections, having done a few commissions but here’s seahorse by Paula from pauladesignjewellery

Five Crafting Days of Christmas - Paula's seahorse earrings

And another from Paula, which started off with ‘Jo, can you make me a poppy flower, with the details for the middle and leaves’. I was imagining standard red and black but here we go – and I reckon they’re better for it!

Paula's poppy dish

5. Felting –

Our final foray into all the things crafting that these cutters get up to.

For the last of our five crafting days of Christmas we bring you a Highland cow and a steampunk gnome. Of course we do!

Here’s are our Highland cow cutter getting the treatment.

Five Crafting Days of Christmas - felted highland cow
Felted Highland cow

And here’s our own attempts at a Steampunk gonk!

Felted steampunk gonk

As you can see, we get involved in lots of different crafting, with many, many, crafters, cookiers, clay handlers – you name it – our toes are well and truly immersed in the crafting waters!

Whatever crafting you find yourself getting involved in, in 2024, swing by and give us a shout. You never know we may be able to 3D print the exact thing you’re looking for! Find our contact info on our website here.

Wishing you the best of ends to 2023. We send our absolute best wishes and heartfelt thanks for all your support over the last year. And a huge big happy new year to you for 2024.

Jo, Mr SED, and Darling Daughter xx

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