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How to rescue a warped cookie cutter
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How to rescue a warped cookie cutter

On the SED Developments website, we go to pains, with every single product listing, to point out that the cutters are not dishwasher safe. Sorry about that! But hey! Accidents will happen won’t they? Someone in the household will forget and chuck a cutter in the dishwasher. Or somehow otherwise bend it out of shape. Aargh! But before you toss it in the bin: stop! Because this blog will show you how to rescue a warped cookie cutter.

How You've Used Our Cutters
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How You’ve Used Our Cutters

Well – here we are yet again. ‘Tis the end of the year. At this point in the calendar we used to share our crazy baking and our sad iced affairs. But, over the last couple of years, we’ve done far less baking to demonstrate our wares. 🙁

But it’s not all doom and gloom, instead we’ve wallowed in fondant heaven. Anyway! Instead, we’re going to share a whole host of our clients makes. And they’re far more amazing than crazy. So here we go with our round-up of how you’ve used our cutters.

10 3D Prints for the Home - photo collage
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Ten 3D Prints for the Home

So! This month I’m going a little off piste with ten 3D prints for the home. While I LOVE making cookie cutters and embossers, it can, from time to time, get a bit same old/same old. Y’know? And when that happens the eye begins to wander around that black holed internet thingy! You know how it is I’m sure! Ergo – while I was mooching, an idea struck, of sharing my discoveries with you. Thus, in that vein, here we go with ten cool prints. Despite the title of this blog they’re not only for your home. But they caught my attention. Right enough, let’s get on!

Christmas showcase 2022 - North Pole set
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Christmas Showcase 2022

As the sun follows the moon, Christmas comes around each year. And for us in the business world, Christmas comes earlier than it does for most. Ergo, although we’re only in October, Christmas is very much on the menu. A pretty apt analogy there ‘cos when we start thinking about Christmas food looms large. Mind you – were you to talk to Mr SED, he’d tell you that food is on my mind all the time!

So, speeding on from that, let me present our 2022 Christmas collection – yay!! Along with our cookie cutters, we’re also bringing you a selection of craft embellishments. And more of that later.