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Hallowe’en cookie cutter showcase

Yep, I know, you’ve not even put your flip flops away yet. Yet here we dribbling on about Hallowe’en. But we know our bakers and they like to plan ahead. Anyway, just you wait, next week it’ll be Christmas! Ha! Evil cackle! So, anyway we thought we’d use this month’s blog as a Hallowe’en cookie cutter showcase to give you chance to look at the cutters and stamps we’re launching in early September. 

How to rescue a warped cookie cutter
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How to rescue a warped cookie cutter

On the SED Developments website, we go to pains, with every single product listing, to point out that the cutters are not dishwasher safe. Sorry about that! But hey! Accidents will happen won’t they? Someone in the household will forget and chuck a cutter in the dishwasher. Or somehow otherwise bend it out of shape. Aargh! But before you toss it in the bin: stop! Because this blog will show you how to rescue a warped cookie cutter.