Cookie Cutters

Cookies, biscuits, pastry shapes. We don’t mind one bit what you call them or what you use our cutters for. The main thing is that you’re inspired. Should you be lacking in that department then visit our print design page here.

We love baking and making but it’s never pretty! Our baking is always edible but what you might call functional. That’s why we provide the tools for all you talented creatives out there to do what you’re good at it.

We love design and innovation so there’s no run-of-the-mill, bog standard cookie cutters here. Oh no. Hence we have a cow face (it’s moos to us too!), a poo emoji, a Christmas jumper and an outline of Africa. To name but some. In fact, we’ve got dozens of designs for every occasion. You can see a mere few of them in the gallery below and the rest are in our shop.

And if you’re still looking for some inspiration, drop by our Cookie Blog. Or simply contact us.