Cookie Cutter Designs for 2018…

Happy New Year, if it’s not too late! As we look around at the debris of Christmas, and decide on a New Years resolution, cutting out the cookies should be one. But we know it won’t be!

Design Happy

So we thought, what the heck! We’ll share our cookie cutter designs so far. The collection has grown rapidly. With over 80 cookie cutters and adding every day.

Baking with children (tractors and unicorns anyone?). Creating a themed evening (Burns Night) to treating a loved one (Valentines). We’re creating a cutter to match.

Take a look, and let us know what we’re missing.

A few cookie cutters, to give you an idea of what’s possible. If you have a cookie cutter design bursting to get out, then let us know. We can create it for you!

We’re designing all the time. To see our new designs, check out our Facebook and Pinterest pages.

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