Cookie Crumbles into the End of the Year

It’s customary at this time of year to have a good old look back. Y’know the thing – where you do a bit of naval gazing and take a look back at what you’ve achieved over the year. In the wider world the Oscars award ceremony is a classic – and glamourous – bit of retrospection. Over in TV land we get the end of the year review with little Graham Norton.

But here at SED, we like to have a slightly skewed, and somewhat less glamourous, approach to the whole thing. Would you expect anything less? No – us neither.

Crazy Bakes and Customisation

As you know I’m a celebrated cookie decorator – not! So, our collective review of 2019, centres around the crazy bakes of the year. We’re about baking fun, making happiness moments with our creations. Of course, we can be serious when occasion demands. Ask us to quote you for a cookie cutter, and we’re professional and thoughtful. And we’ve designed over 140 customised cookies this year, each one working closely with the client.

The bottom line is, I love to bake. This is brilliant for my mental health if not my waistline!! And if you think I’m talking yet more twaddle, this Love Food article describes how baking improves mental health. I find it a great source of succour for sure. Yet, when it comes to making my baking look good – well I lack the patience of you lovely cookie creators. I can see in my mind’s eye how I want the cookie to look. But, to be frank, in my mind’s eye is where it should stay!

But that’s enough rambling from me.  Enjoy our gallery of quirky bakes from 2019 – go on – have a good laugh.

Wishing you a lovely Christmas and New Year. Come 2020 we’ll be back with more inspiring cutters and creations for the talented bakers and decorators out there.

Until then, have fun creating!  xx

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