Ceramic Clay Cutters - earring design drawing

Ceramic Clay Cutters

It’s June, it’s our birthday, so it must be time for another launch. Ta daaaa! Well – okay – that’s not much build up. But what with this month seeing HMQ celebrate her platinum jubilee there’s a shortage of bunting! Though bunting free we may be, this remains a special 5th business birthday for us. Five years of 3D Printing and eight years in total! Now we usually do a little launch of our summer cutters. But not this year. On our 5th birthday give a warm welcome to our ceramic clay cutters!

Ceramic clay cutters

We’ve created clay cutters since day one, using the same techniques as we do for the cookie cutters. But of late, clients have asked more and more for individual designs for polymer clay earrings. Our cutters, were, we might say, not cutting it? It won’t get any better! You should know that by now.

For a cookie cutter the blade is 0.8mm thick – that gives a good cut on a piece of cookie dough. Try it on clay though and it gives a drag. It leaves a dent rather than a cut.

A return to the drawing board

To launch our own, specially designed clay cutter collection, meant we had to go back to the drawing board. Trialling different size blades and cutters, the finest stable blade we can print, is 0.4mm and the walls down to 0.8-1cm. We’ve increased the flange – that’s the proper name for the handle part, to 2mm deep. The depth of the cutter we’ve taken down to 1cm from 1.5cm. Because, at the end of the day, we don’t want recognition for our flimsy cutters. That’s as bad as having a soggy bottom. And you bakers will know all about that. Robust cutters has been an abiding element of our design from day one. In fact, on day one our cutters had a blade of 1.5mm! I shudder!

Ceramic Clay Cutters - earring design drawing

Anyway, with all these elements in place and a lot of testing behind the scenes, we’re ready to launch our dedicated clay cutters.

Measuring 1.5cm up to and including 5.5cm. We’ll make a one-stop shop list of the generic shapes together, (square, triangle, diamond etc), in all their sizes so that you can create a bundle of ‘stand-bys’. Then, we’ll create individual shapes in their own listings. That way, you can mix and match with ease.

Also in the collection

Cutters are one part of the collection. We’re also creating resin 3D printed blanks. Starting with a teardrop design, these will initially come in five colours. They’ll give you the scope to adorn them with gems, paint or leave plain – the choice is yours. They’ll start at 3cm tall and 2.3mm thick.


Oh you betcha, because that’s what we do. If you don’t see the design you want, you only have to contact us, and we’ll have a chat. It’s dead easy. We don’t charge as much as you fear. How about you check out our blogs here: Five Tips for commissioning 3d Printing and Bespoke Commission Cheaper Thank You think to see how we work. Then contact us anyway, ‘cos we’ll work with you, not at you.

Exciting times

We’re full to the brim with excitement for this collection and where it will go. Of course we don’t know where it’ll go – and that’s where the fun is. As always, you, our very lovely customer (gush!) lead, the way, with your designs and inspiration. We only ever see ourselves as the conduit for your ever-suprising and ever-wonderful creativity.

Check out the initial pics below – please before we get any more sentimental! We’ll launch everything over on Insta and Facebook.

Lets go create together x

Earring shape

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