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Our unconventional Cookie Cutters, sit alongside traditional designs. Let us create a customised cookie cutter for you.

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Our Cookie Recipe

It’s not really a cookie recipe now I look again. It’s a biscuit recipe, and what’s more it’s not really mine, all hail Nigella Lawson. Crumbs… literally.

Because I feel we should test every cookie cutter we make, we needed a cookie recipe that worked every time. I needed to make sure, the cookie/biscuit held well. That the cutter didn’t make the biscuit too small, or too ‘rock hard’. You know what I mean,  you cut out a dinosaur, or a stiletto heel, and the tail/heel is so thin, it breaks off or worse still, breaks a tooth!

Ceramic Clay Cutters - earring design drawing
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Ceramic Clay Cutters

It’s June, it’s our birthday, so it must be time for another launch. Ta daaaa! Well – okay – that’s not much build up. But what with this month seeing HMQ celebrate her platinum jubilee there’s a shortage of bunting! Though bunting free we may be, this remains a special 5th business birthday for us. Five years of 3D Printing and eight years in total! Now we usually do a little launch of our summer cutters. But not this year. On our 5th birthday give a warm welcome to our ceramic clay cutters!

Christmas Baking Shop 2023 - cookie cutters of Christmas present sack, a reindeer face and a cookie with bite taken out of it
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Christmas Baking Shop 2023

The big sweet tubs are out in the supermarket meaning one thing: Christmas is on its way. Though I won’t be getting my tubs yet, as I know they won’t make it ’til Christmas! We don’t do willpower at SED HQ. With that in mind, we know you’ll be planning your Christmas collection, we thought we’d come on with our Christmas baking shop 2023. We know – you can’t contain yourselves.