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10 3D Prints for the Home - photo collage
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Ten 3D Prints for the Home

So! This month I’m going a little off piste with ten 3D prints for the home. While I LOVE making cookie cutters and embossers, it can, from time to time, get a bit same old/same old. Y’know? And when that happens the eye begins to wander around that black holed internet thingy! You know how it is I’m sure! Ergo – while I was mooching, an idea struck, of sharing my discoveries with you. Thus, in that vein, here we go with ten cool prints. Despite the title of this blog they’re not only for your home. But they caught my attention. Right enough, let’s get on!

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Five Covid 3D Printing contributions

Here we are, into a new year and of course Covid-19 remains the overriding factor in our lives. Yet, for us players in the additive manufacturing (AM) game the pandemic has proven itself an interesting place to lurk. As the virus tightens its grip again, as we plough on through winter, the story of 3D printing’s involvement continues. So, this blog is a look at five 3D contributions to Covid-19. So far!

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10 Useful 3D Prints for your Home

So! You got yourselves a 3D printer. Yay! Welcome to our world. Okaay, we’re writing this blog from the assumption that you’ve been playing around with it and you know it works really well. What’s more you’ve printed all the fun and daft stuff but now you’re looking for some meatier projects – something you can in fact use. Not change the world -y’know – but at least be useful. Yeah? Does that sound like you?