Bespoke Commissions Cheaper than you think

Your guide to creating your 3D items with SED Developments

Calling star bakers everywhere. You want a particular shaped cookie cutter or fondant stamp but what you’re in need of is somewhat specialized. You’ve tried every off-the-peg biscuit retailer on the planet to no avail. So now you’re left thinking two things:

  1. I’m going to have to go bespoke and …
  2. … what the hell is that going to cost me?!

Or thoughts to that effect at least.

Does that sound familiar to you? Is that ringing a big clanking bell? Well we can silence it!

Here at SED Developments we don’t charge outrageous amounts of money for cookie cutter commissions. What we in fact charge is £4. What that £4 charge covers is Mr SED’s brain activity in designing your cutter/stamp/insert noun as appropriate here. And, if I can use the cutter again, I’ll even waive that charge. Does that sound good to you?

The infographic below explains the process in detail but here it is in brief:


You send me an image. It can by any kind of image so long as it’s copyright free. We also need an idea of what size you need


We’ll send you a demo image


Assuming that works for you then great – we go ahead. You want to change something? No problem. We can do that until we’ve got it how you want it.

IF – after all that – you’re still meh about the project then no worries at all. You know where we are, how we work and all that stuff should you have any future needs.


Once we’ve got everything sorted and settled we print within 24 hours and get your design out to you via 1st class post.

Commission Infographic

If you want to get a feel for what we do and who we are before you commit to anything that’s fine – we get that. The places to look are our Facebook page and our Instagram feed.

If you’ve got any questions about any of this don’t hesitate to holler here

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