Summer 2020

A Baking Hot Summer

Okay – so we’re late into July now. But ya never know, summer has just begun! So we though we’d take an opportunity to check out our summer cutter collection. After all, there’s still time for a baking hot summer! Oh yeah!


The summer of 2021, is going to be, for many of us, been about staycationing or holidaying in the UK. And – despite rumours to the contrary they’re not the same thing! A staycation is quite literally what it says. You’re on holiday from work but you stay at home. Otherwise known as going to R Gate.  Whereas, if you pack a suitcase and get on a coach, or a train or, as in our case, get the campervan on the road – that’s a holiday. The thing is, thanks to a virus whose name we’re all now a mite fed-up of hearing – who knows if getting abroad will be any easier or safer next summer? It’s by no means guaranteed.

Cookie Cutters for Summer
Summer 2020 Cookie Cutter Collection

So! Embrace the great British holiday and have a look at this cookie cutter selection. Almost every element of the British seaside scene you can think of is here – the only thing missing is the fish and chips. And a visit to your local chippy will sort that out.

Most of our cutters work well with felt and Play-Doh or air-dried clay.  So, the creative amongst could make a super seaside special with these cutters. And the kids could have some summer baking fun that’ll remind them of their UK holiday or day trip. A fun complement to any books your youngsters might have that feature the British seaside – or any aspects of it.

Summer Cookies
Summer Cookies

Surfing Safari

Okay – so you’re yearning for a touch of the tropical and/or the splash of the surf but Covid prevents. Yeah – it sucks right? But hey – small consolation we know – but you can at least make a totally tropical scene in baked good form with these cutters.

We’ve got the palm tree, we’ve got the pineapple, we’ve got the shades, we’ve got the surf board and we’ve got the baggies a la the Beach Boys! It’s all here for a surfing safari – well all bar the surf itself.

So – yeah – get the oven hotter than July, get some surf tunes or reggae on Spotify and party on!

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