3D Printed Bespoke Clay Cutters

3D Printed Bespoke Clay Cutters

May 2023

Let’s talk about 3D printed bespoke clay cutters. It’s a year, since we launched our clay cutter range. I’m not sure where that year has gone – but it’s been something of a clay revelation year!

Before we created the range, I’d only had a brief play around with polymer clay and air drying clay. Since then I’ve learnt a lot. Cling film is my new best friend. She’s amazing with the smaller, intricate cutters. Talcum powder and baby oil are jolly useful too!

Most revealing, has been the variety of designs our clients have asked us to create as part of our commission service. And that’s the reason for this blog. We wanted to share some commissions and chat all things clay and design.

Frieda Kahlo

Early on, one of our biggest supporters, Paula at Paula Jewellery Design asked us to design a Frida Kahlo face. A little daunting, if I’m honest, and here’s the result – blooming cracking if you ask us (Paula’s work not our cutter!!)

You’ll see that Paula also asked us to create cacti and plant pot cutters – this was back in July 2022. It’s taken us until now to get those in the shop – slow and steady I call it. Below is a close up of Paula’s cactus earrings.

Bespoke 3D clay cutters - cacti
Bespoke 3D clay cutters – cacti

Brilliant aren’t they? You can find our cacti and plant collections here. We thought the pots were a one off. But then another lovely client, Ceramics by Christina asked us for pots to create Christmas cards. ‘Oh, really? we thought.’ We also worked with her on other small (3-4cm) Christmas cutters, shown below. These are clay, rather than polymer clay. Glazed and used to create these lovelies.

Christmas cards by Christina with clay designs on them

A sleeping star

Another client CloudsandPineapples creates unusual and quirky clay creations. Our latest collaboration is this cute sleeping star.

Bespoke clay cutters - clouds and pineapples sleeping star

Embossing stamps

Our embossing stamps, that you usually find us working in fondant, also work well with clay or polymer clay. We’ve created several embossing stamps for clay work.

Here is MissMarpleMakes with her Ffrind heart. We created 2.5cm wide stamps for her. They’re intricate and very, very dinky. But, with her usual brilliance, she’s worked them into her heart. Miss Marple met us after buying our set of three Cwtch stamps, that we do in three different fonts. A great way to try out a font without too much outlay.

MIss Marples Makes FFriend heart
Miss Marples Makes FFriend heart

The question then is…Jo, why haven’t we seen any of these on your socials?

Well… because, we see ourselves as the crafter behind the maker. We create the tools for you, the makers, to help you make individual, personalised, pieces. Those pieces, set you apart from your competition. And to that end, we keep it all top secret, it’s not our design, it’s yours. That’s the most important part of the whole process. You say what you’re looking for, we’ll say whether it’s possible.

So, whether, you’re new to the hobby and playing around or you’ve been doing it for a lifetime, we’re more than happy to help. We pride ourselves on working together to get a cutter/embossing stamp that works for you – not us!

And…. we’re friendly. It’s me, Mr SED, teenage daughter and Stripes the cat, renovating a Land Rover in our spare time – oooh! And working out how much baby oil is too much for a clay cutter. Mmmm – answers on a postcard please!

So, give us a shout! Find all our contact details here.

And don’t forget the socials! As if!

 Check out our Insta page, where we pop new creations. And Facebook here.

3D Printed Bespoke Clay Cutters

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